Valentin’s customers love her and her work! Many of them hug her after she works her magic. Some even tear up with happiness after they receive their complete makeover. Valentin Yersian, owner of VY Valentin Salon, says, “it’s so good, it really is the best feeling in the world to see my clients so happy.”

This stylist extraordinaire holds multiple cosmetology certificates and has done hair for the Leo Awards. Valentin is a certified cosmetologist in Canada, Europe, and Middle East. Many of her clients are from the fashion industry. Since 2013 Valentin has been a salon owner in Dunbar, Vancouver, BC. This was not an easy journey! Valentin credits the good people surrounding her and luck for overcoming the obstacles along the way. However, her hard work, tenacious attitude, and talent also helped! She says, “every morning, I come here, open the door and feel like I’m at home again!”

A Hair Stylist’s Journey to Vancouver

Born in Tehran, Valentin spent most of her time in the local salon where her sisters worked. Valentin worked hard to learn and obtain her stylist credentials so she could work alongside her sisters. For her, it was never a question of becoming a stylist or not; becoming a hair stylist was her passion since the beginning!

Following in her sister’s footsteps, Valentin left Iran and tried to move to the States. While enduring many failed visa attempts, she lived in Germany, France, and Italy. “These were very hard times, but I was always surrounded by some of the most wonderful people,” says Valentin.

Faced with the reality that she won’t be able to go back home or approved to US Visa, Valentin headed to Spain. She spent five years learning Spanish, as well as working full time, seven days a week, as a nanny and caregiver to save money for her European Cosmetology Credential. Finally, she began working again in a salon after earning her credentials.

A Salon Owner with Heart and Drive

After five years in Spain, Valentin decided to move to Canada to be closer to her sisters in the US. “After five years, I was so lonely I decided to come to Canada to be close to my sisters,” says Valentin. However, after she arrived in Canada, she found out that her two licenses were not accepted. She tried every salon with no luck! Finally, she found a job as a caregiver for an aging lady through her church. “I went everywhere in Vancouver… Armenian hair salons, Persian hair salons and then I was lucky; I found a job as a caregiver for an aging lady through my church,” says Valentin.

Her temporary job as a caregiver lasted six years. During this time, she taught herself English and earn her permanent residency, which enabled her to go to school. She quickly enrolled in a cosmetology program and received her cosmetology certificate. After earning her third cosmetology certificate, she applied for jobs at every salon. “It felt like I was handing out my resume like a flyer… I tried every salon…,” She finally met Vida, a salon owner in Dunbar. After four years, Valentin became the proud owner of VY Valentin Salon! Finally a permanent home for her hair-styling passion!

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